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Our comprehensive team of physician sub-specialists provide expertise with complex diseases.

Mr.  Smith is a 61 year-old patient with locally advanced, limited stage small cell lung cancer.  His oncologist has requested chemoradiation with cisplatin/etoposide, to be given with pegfilgrastim.

Mrs. Henderson is a 63 year-old patient who was recently diagnosed with Stage IV KRAS wild-type colorectal patient.  She had only one liver metastasis to the liver and she recently had a successful surgery to resect the primary colon tumor and the liver lesion.  Her oncologist is now planning to treat her with adjuvant FOLFOX and cetuximab.

Ms. Gale is 57 year-old patient with metastatic follicular thyroid carcinoma to her bones and liver.  She was previously treated with high dose radioactive iodine and her doctor now wishes to perform stem cell harvest using plerixafor so that she may receive an autologous stem-cell transplant and be treated with additional doses of radioactive iodine despite bone marrow compromise and cytopenias.

Take advantage of CIA


Optimizing the services of all appropriate healthcare professionals working together, across diseases and treatment options to provide better outcomes for patients we serve.


Connecting information, analytics, and clinical expertise to better optimize evidence-based cost-effective outcomes.


  • Patients-with optimal care and outcomes
  • Payers-with efficiencies, real-time informatics, and cost-effectiveness, and
  • Providers-collaboration with peer-to-peer, work flow and supply chain optimization.

Our vision

To energize and empower our healthcare communities to improve the lives of the patients we serve.


ARC Cares invests in resources to build transformational and innovative tools through our knowledge and experience. Clinicians and payers benefit through ARC’s comprehensive solutions.

ARC Management Services utilizes state-of-the-art technologies with sub-specialists expertise, across both medical and pharmacy spectrum, to deliver cost-effective evidence-based care.

ARC Cares Specialty Pharmacy provides specialty drug services to patients, providers and payers.

ARC Consult is a concierge medical benefit clinical evaluation solution utilizing sub-specialist expertise.

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ARC Cares Partners with Payers and Providers to Deliver the Highest Quality of Care to Patients.

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